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We are now allowing more than one newborn booking/week! For the safety of our crew and our clients, all photographers are fully vaccinated and wear masks for the duration of all in home sessions. Standard hand washing and prop sanitizing is observed. Feel free to inquire using the contact form if you have additional questions. We always prioritize our clients' comfort and want to make sure we accommodate your needs.***



To schedule your newborn session, please contact me with your due date in advance to ensure I can accommodate your delivery window. When your baby arrives, take the time you need to get settled and then reach out to schedule your session. I provide all props and the session takes place in the comfort of your home between 2 and 14 days of your little one's birth. Sessions last 2-4 hours to leave lots of time for changes, feedings, and snuggles.



1. KEEP BABY AWAKE FOR 2 HOURS BEFORE THE START OF THE SESSION. Keep baby feeding, tickle those little feet, and just gently move them around to keep them from falling into a deep sleep. This ensures that your baby will be sleepy and ready to snuggle in for a good nap while we take those adorable little close ups.

2. FEED AND BURP 15 MINUTES BEFORE START OF SESSION. A full baby is a happy baby, so be sure his/her tummy is nice and full!

3. LOOSEN DIAPER AND TAKE ALL CLOTHING OFF OF BABY. Make sure you remove all clothing at least one hour before your session to prevent red marks on baby's skin. Wrap baby in a very soft blanket as needed.

4. TURN YOUR HEAT UP TO 80 DEGREES. We will all be sweating but baby will be cozy and happy!


1.  No need to clean! I will move all that new baby clutter as needed.

2. Don't use skin products on baby's skin unless recommended by a doctor to cut down on oily glare

3. Feel free to take a nap while I am photographing baby. I won't be offended :)

4. I provide all props, and you are free to provide your own as well

5. Sessions generally take place in your home. I also offer "fresh 48" sessions which take place wherever you deliver your baby.

6. I do offer newborn sessions for babies over 14 days of age, however the older the baby is, the less likely they are to be sleepy enough to curl up into poses.

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