Hello and thanks for checking out our little business. I'm Carolyn (the one with too much hair) and Brian (the one with no hair) is my husband/photo partner extraordinaire.  I'm actually the worst surfer on earth but this is one of very few photos that we have together, so I give you: example a from posing for photos 101. We've managed Soil + Sea together for the last 5 years and have been married for almost 8. Our team is comprised of two primary photographers and three associate second shooters. We have one physical newborn/family studio located in Santa Cruz, but hold sessions primarily outdoors along the wild Pacific coast.


About us personally: we currently split our time between the Central Coast, CA and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Most of the time, you can find us tinkering away fixing up our home: a 1972 Cal Sailboat named Willow. Every time we fix one thing, the good ol' girl tells us we need to fix another, so the majority of our income from the business goes to pursuing the dream of sailing. We live at anchor near the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf and plan to spend our first winter in Mexico in 2021! Our dream is to sail Willow home for wedding season each year, and back down to Mexico though the cold months. So thank you for considering us and helping make our dream a reality!