Soil and Sea Photography

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Santa Cruz CA 95063

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I'm Carolyn and my husband Brian and I manage Soil + Sea together. The name comes from our shared love of the great outdoors, which we strive to integrate into our work as much as possible. Two years ago we moved our family onto a 1972 ketch rig sailboat named Willow. Let me tell you, living on a boat while managing a business is SO MUCH WORK. I never thought I would be taking breaks from editing to rebuild a carburetor, or scrambling to install solar panels so that I can charge my camera gear. Every dollar that we earn from photography has been turned into “boat bucks” to help us outfit Willow so that we can eventually take her on a trip around the world. Our lives completely revolve around photography and sailing now, but if you'd told me 5 years ago that this is where we would be, I'd tell you to lay off the margaritas. And that's exactly what this business is all about. Documenting the crazy journeys and the ups, and yes downs, of life. I know that navigating this world is hard, beautiful, overwhelming, and incredible, and that it goes by really really fast. Armed with that knowledge, my goal is to deliver galleries that are not only striking and beautiful, but also visceral enough to make you actually feel those moments again. Take a look around my portfolio and let me know if there are any questions I can answer. Fair winds and following seas, my friends!